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Gals on the Green Marlene Beisel

marlene beisel

Founder & Chief Operating Officer





5' 7"

Golfer Since:

July 2022


What's your 9 to 5?

Middle School English and History teacher

What's your favorite golf club to use?

My pitching wedge - no clue why. I guess it's I started with.

When you aren't playing golf, what sport or activity do you enjoy doing?

Running, working out in my home garage, and hiking with friends.

Name three non-golf items that are always in your golf bag.

Chapstick - everything else is golf related.

What's your favorite golf brand?

Whatever is on sale! I really don't know enough about the different golf brands yet.

If you could play golf with one person who isn't a professional golfer (dead or alive), who would it be and why?

If I could golf with anyone it would be my 4th grade teacher, Ms. Cunningham. She just shaped me in so many ways. She always made me feel special and was such the model-kind of teacher that I hope my students think I am.

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