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Golf is EXPENSIVE! Let us help you with your golf essentials! Our member exchange is your platform for connecting with fellow members of our community to donate or receive unwanted, unused, and gently used golf gear, apparel, and accessories. Together we can foster a culture of sharing and support, both on and off the golf course!


Meet Our Golf Gear Community Ambassador,

Petra Erlandson

When did you start golfing?  
In 2018

What makes you passionate about golf?
Golf is a vehicle for mindfulness, personal challenge, fresh air, exercise, and most of all fun! It invites us to savor the uniqueness and creativity of every moment, every shot while we rediscover our real self if only for 18 holes at a time. I know that sounds crazy - come try it and see for yourself!

What is the most important aspect for you about our golf community?
Gals on the Green has given me nearly instant sisterhood with so many wonderful women! When I first joined, I only knew one woman who golfed but now I have over 50 personal female friends who are supportive on and off the course. I am so thankful for this community!

What does this role mean to you?
I have been a GG believer since the moment I heard about our club. I love welcoming women into our group and happy to have a way to help others get their golf gear ready to hit the greens!

Meet Our Apparel & Accessory Community Ambassador,

Belinda Dominguez

When did you start golfing?  
I initially took up golf over twenty years ago and played for a few years. It has been something I had been wanting to get back into and when I found Gals on the Green, it felt like the perfect opportunity to do so. I find it wonderful that more women are becoming involved and wanting to learn more about the sport.

What makes you passionate about golf?
What makes me passionate about golf is that it is a challenge, not only physically but mentally. It also fosters friendly competition with others. Plus the beautiful scenery, especially here in Southern California, can’t be beat!

What is the most important aspect for you about our golf community?
There are so many aspects I love about this community that it is hard for me to pick just one.  From my very first outing with Gals on the Green, I felt inspired & connected with strong, like-minded women and comfortable to get back on the course! Ashlie, Michele & Marlene have created a safe space with encouraging, supportive women. Everyone is welcome - whether you have never picked up a club before or you are a seasoned golfer. I believe that being  part of a supportive community helps make the sport a little less intimidating for those who are just beginning. 

What does this role mean to you?

When Michele approached me about taking on this role and the group in general, I was immediately excited. Giving back was something my parents both instilled in me, so any opportunity in which I am able to do so, I will. Let’s be honest - golf is an expensive sport! No item should be considered too small. Your donation and kindness will make a huge impact.

Belinda Dominguez.png



Upload your unwanted, unused, or gently used golf items to the appropriate group (Golf Gear or Apparel & Accessories). Please be sure to include as much information as possible in your post description (I.e. brand, size, condition, color, availability, etc.).


Post a comment to the appropriate group (Golf Gear or Apparel & Accessories) describing your golf needs (i.e. set of golf clubs, specific clubs, golf bag, push cart, golf skort, golf pants, polo, golf balls, tees, golf shoes, and other similar items).


Our dedicated Community Ambassador will take charge of connecting generous donors with individuals in need, ensuring a seamless coordination process. From matching donations to organizing delivery, our Ambassador will handle all of the logistics.

first come, first serve

We strongly uphold the principles of equality and fairness. Our dedicated Community Ambassadors work diligently to ensure that members who submit donation requests first are given priority in accepting online donations according to their specific needs. If you come across an item that you require, our Community Ambassador will carefully review the group feed to assess if other members also require the same items. Donations will be allocated based on the chronological order of the posts, ensuring a fair distribution process.


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