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About Us

Strong, resilient, and determined women in golf drive the ball of equality and break through the barriers of tradition. With every swing, they inspire us to shatter stereotypes and reach for the stars. They remind us that on the fairway of life, women have the power to conquer any course. Embrace your inner champion and tee off with confidence, for the game of golf knows no boundaries when it comes to women who dare to dream.

Gals on the Green was founded by three friends whose vision was to help women to feel less intimidated when it comes to the sport of golf. We want to encourage women to break out of their comfort zone and to provide them with an opportunity to meet other like-minded women who are wanting to learn to play. You don’t have to know how to golf to join, you just need an open mind and positive attitude! If you are up for a new challenge, looking to expanding your social circle, or just need to do something for YOU, then our membership program just might be the perfect fit!


There are no age restrictions and experience is not required.

We can’t wait to meet you soon!

XOXO ~ Michele, Marlene, and Ashlie

our team

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